Online Therapy-Dyslexia

Teach People with
Dyslexia to Read Using
Orton-Gillingham Reading Therapy
Proven to be Effective!

Is your child bright and creative? Are they good at math and science, or maybe a talented artist or athlete? At the same time, are they completely frustrated by reading, spelling, and writing?

If so, you’re not alone. 1 in 5 children struggle to learn to read, write, and spell by traditional teaching methods due to dyslexia. You may relate the term dyslexia with those kids that reverse their b’s and d’s. But dyslexia is actually a learning difference that goes beyond letter reversal and is centered in the way the brain is wired to process language and the written word.

​Jen Para and Julie O’Brien are our Dyslexia Education Specialists.  They have advanced degrees in teaching kids with dyslexia a new way to read and they have many happy students who now thrive in school thanks to Jen and Julie.

Unlike traditional dyslexia programs that require you to pay a therapist to sit down with your child 3-4 times per week, this unique program is done over the internet, so no matter where you live, as long as you have a computer and webcam, you’ll have access to their expert instruction.

Watch this short video and learn more about this successful program:


Jen and Julie have such a successful track record working with kids with dyslexia that they guarantee that your child will experience at least a 1 year increase in reading skills in the first 2 months of therapy, or your 3rd month is free. They back this up with testimonials from happy parents.

How to know if ONLINE THERAPY  is right for your child:

Hopefully, we did our job in explaining our program and you understand that your child has the capacity to learn….we just need to know how to teach them.

We’re not even going to predict if you have the time, the support, the money.

The only thing EITHER of us should be concerned about at this point…

Will your child succeed in raising their reading level (comprehension) when using this program..

You’ll know this program is perfect for you if:

  1. You or another adult are able to put time and effort in to help organizing your child’s life so that they can successfully complete the lessons
  2. You are tired of waiting on the sidelines waiting for the school to begin helping your child
  3. You want to provide extra help outside of school
  4. You are excited to watch your child gain 1 year of reading skills usually within the first 2 – 3 months of the program.  On average, there is a gain of 3 grade levels of reading for students who complete the program.

Jen and Julie’s students who complete the Lexercise program improve 3 grade levels  on average!

Grade Levels


They guarantee that your child will improve one whole grade level in 2 months, or your 3rd month is free!

Schedule a FREE CONSULTATION with Dr. Lipstein and she will personally introduce you to a teacher at the MultiSensory Reading Center.  

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  We wish you warm regards as you travel along the path of learning more about your child’s unique learning issues!