The Reading Remedy

If you are reading this welcome note, you most likely have a child who is having some difficulty in school.

  We are a group of Education Specialists and getting your child to read fluently and with good comprehension is our NUMBER 1 goal; that’s what we’re trained to do.

The process of getting to grade level reading begins by first understanding the reading problem.  The Learning Quiz you are about to take lists 20 classic descriptions of the things we see in students who are said to have learning disorders.

In fact, these descriptions cover 80% of the most common learning problems we see in the schools.

Answering “yes” to 3 or even 4 of the questions in any one section of the Quiz does not mean that your child has a learning disorder.

What it may mean is that your child will have difficulty learning in a classroom that uses traditional teaching methods. 

This is an important thing to know because kids who are reluctant learners can excel in their studies when alternate teaching methods are used. 

We need to identify these smart kids who are not learning in a traditional way and get them involved in a  teaching program that makes sense to them.

This Quiz is the first step towards seeing if this describes your child.

   If you answer “no” to most of the questions, a reading tutor may be the most appropriate way to improve your child’s reading skills.  You won’t know for sure until you ask some basic questions that will help you understand where your child is along the spectrum of learning issues.

I can’t promise I can make your child’s learning challenges go away.

I can promise to show you that there are other ways for your child to learn using alternate learning methods that prove successful for the reluctant learner.

After taking the QUIZ, you’ll be able to schedule a FREE CONSULTATION if you’d like to learn about our “90-Days to Grade-Level Reading” program and other programs that fit your child’s learning needs.

I read this saying the other day and it seems so appropriate here:
“You can’t change the direction of the wind
but you can adjust the sails.”

We wish you warm regards as you “adjust the sails “of your child’s learning behavior.

The Reading Remedy


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