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Find out if Your Child is at Risk for Reading or Learning Disorders


Schools tell us that 80% of kids are reading and learning at their grade level. This is great! But what if your child is not part of the 80%? The remaining 20% of kids NOT reading at grade level is equal to 11 million children! When one in every five students is behind in school, can it really be labeled a learning “disorder?”

Does this describe your child?…

  • Smart in everything but school
  • Has something “like dyslexia” but different
  • Needs a lot of support in school just to get through the day
  • Avoids doing any work in school and sometimes throws tantrums or misbehaves

Some parents express that their child may just be lazy or that they are more interested in socializing with their classmates than they are interested in schoolwork. Could it be that your child’s school is not teaching in a way that makes sense to your child, so it’s too difficult for them and they avoid doing schoolwork? Current research in the field of reading and learning disorders suggest that there are an increasing number of kids who are having difficulty reading at their grade level.

Explanations for this often include:

  • Schools “talk a good game” but they don’t come through
  • Waiting for evaluation of the problem takes forever, leaving you feeling alone and unable to move forward
  • Specific information about what’s causing the problem is not provided
  • Avoids doing any work in school and sometimes throws tantrums or misbehaves

Where do you start?

A child with a learning disorder can learn to read!  They simply learn in a manner that is different than how their classmates learn. In order to improve your child’s ability to read and learn it is important to identify their learning style so that we can begin teaching them in a way that makes sense and the learning process becomes easier for them.

It’s a two-step process:

The first step is most important….

1. Identify the learning problem. The Reading Remedy Learning Assessments use a combination of standardized tests and surveys that identify the most common reading and learning disorders. When the Assessments are completed, you now know what your child needs.

….the second step is critical!

2. Don’t wait or you risk losing another school year. Sign up for an ONLINE THERAPY program that begins addressing the problem today. Once you understand the problem, there is no more “hanging out there” wondering what to do next.

Our Doctor of Optometry and Educator with 20 years experience now offers the most successful ONLINE THERAPY PROGRAMS that meet the following criteria:

  • follow remedial teaching methods that are supported by research
  • they must be administered by Education Professionals specifically trained to teach in this area of reading disorder
  • the online program is modern and engaging to keep your child’s interest alive
  • these programs have track records proving that students increase reading and learning skills as they go through the program

It’s never too late to increase learning skills when you are with the right teacher!

How do you know if ONLINE ASSESSMENTS AND ONLINE THERAPY  is right for you?

Hopefully, we did our job in explaining our program and you understand that your child has the capacity to learn….we just need to know how to teach them.

We’re not even going to predict if you have the time, the support, the money.

The only thing EITHER of us should be concerned about at this point…

Will your child succeed in raising their reading level (comprehension) when using this program.

You’ll know this program is perfect for you if:

  • You are just now getting started and want to identify WHY your smart child is having difficulty learning
  • You know the nature of the learning problem and you are looking for the right remedial program
  • You or another adult are able to put time and effort in to help organizing your child’s life so that they can successfully complete the lessons
  • You are excited to watch your child gain 2 years of reading skills usually within the first 4-6 months of the program

Our goal is to give you an understanding of the problem and to help guide you to the proper professional who will help make positive changes.

Take the Learning Disorder Assessments and follow through by signing up for ONLINE THERAPY.

We wish you warm regards as you travel along the path of learning more about your child’s unique learning issues!

What’s Included in the Assessments?

  • Six Assessments that allow you to identify if your child has Vision Disorder, Dyslexia, Attention Deficit Disorder with Inattention and/or with Hyperactivity or Auditory Processing Disorder.
  • An easy-to-understand explanation: What Causes this Learning Disorder? This helps you understand the science of the learning disorder on the neurological level and how it affects your child’s ability to process information they read or hear.
  • When you know what is causing your child’s learning problem, we refer you to Education Specialists who provide ONLINE TRAINING that is proven to be effective for remediation of this reading or learning disorder….through the college level!

Our goal is to give you understanding of the problem and to help guide you to the proper professional who will help make positive changes.

Do you have a question about the Assessments or Online Therapy?

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