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Recommended Therapy for ADD with Inattention and ADHD with Hyperactivity

The three most common forms of Attention Deficit Disorder are: Attention Deficit Disorder with Inattention; Attention Deficit Disorder with Hyperactivity and also a combination of the two which presents with both disorders showing at times.

Therapy for Attention Deficit with Hyperactivity

The National Institute of Health recommends that Attention Deficit with Hyperactivity be managed with individual and family therapy. When the child is taught behavior modification s/he can begin to learn appropriate verbal and nonverbal communication skills when in social situations.

Medication is increasingly being recommended as a first-line treatment to help the child and family cope with behavior issues. This represents a departure from traditional advice on how to handle the child with ADHD; ask your family doctor or a family PhD psychologist about whether medication will help your child.

A family psychologist who specializes in ADHD needs to be licensed in the state in which the patient lives, so online therapy is not recommended. Please ask your school counselor or your family doctor for recommendations on who to see in your community.

Therapy for Attention Deficit with Inattention

One theory in research literature is that ADD with Inattention may be caused by language processing delays, making reading and learning an inefficient process. The slower processing makes learning exhausting and kids zone out in response.

ADD can be the primary diagnosis of a behavior disorder and it can respond in a positive way to medication.

If ADD with Inattention is experienced along with a language processing disorder called Auditory Processing Disorder, therapy helping the child make sense of the spoken can be highly effective.

Convergence Insufficiency (CI) a common vision disorder has been shown to occur at a higher rate in Attention Deficit Disorder with Inattention than among the general population so it is wise to test for CI because if it is present, it may be amplifying the learning behavior that you see. Once CI is eliminated, you will be able to treat the underlying processing disorder with greater success.

We have researched the programs that are recommended by audiologists and we find that the best ONLINE THERAPY to address ADD with Inattention is provided by Gemm Learning. They have a solid online format called Fast ForWard that uses scientific research as it’s basis.

Fast ForWard ONLINE THERAPY promotes positive changes to the processing patterns in the brain that affect how we hear and process sounds and words.

Watch this short video and learn how this works:

Tina Liberatore is the Educational Consultant Coordinator for Gemm Learning. Her Education Specialists  are trained in the treatment of Auditory Processing Disorder and Attention Deficit Disorder with Inattention using Fast ForWord.

Fast ForWard is recognized as being highly effective in helping kids with APD and ADD and is offered in schools across the country.

The difference is that when you use Gemm as your Educational Specialists, you receive personalized attention, assuring that your child will work successfully through the program. This increases the effectiveness of the program and the proof is in the results:

When using the Fast ForWord program, Gemm Learning students on average see 2 years of reading gain during the first 4-6 months of ONLINE THERAPY.

Is Online Therapy Right for Your Child?

There are so many things that get in the way:

  • Waiting for 504 meeting results and waiting again for the education plan to begin making a difference
  • School’s reluctance to acknowledge or even consider APD as contributing to the ADD behavior
  • Seeing if the meds to treat ADHD will work even though you’re pretty sure that what’s going on is NOT ADHD

Therapy for kids with learning disorders is not a quick “one-size-fits-all” program.  The goal is to develop a methodical, consistent learning plan that teaches learning skills that will last for a lifetime.

Our Guidelines:

This program is perfect for you if:

  • You or another adult are able to put time and effort in to helping organize your child’s life so that they can successfully complete the lessons
  • You are tired of waiting on the sidelines for the school to begin helping your child
  • You want to provide extra help outside of school
  • You are excited to watch your child gain 2 years of reading skills usually within the first 4 – 6 months of the program


Schedule a 15 minute CONSULTATION with Dr. Lipstein and she will personally refer you to an Education Specialist to learn more about the Fast ForWard ONLINE THERAPY and how it will help your child.

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We wish you warm regards as you travel along the path of learning more about your child’s unique learning issues!

* Gemm offers payment plans so that no one is turned away from getting their child the help they need.    Ask your teacher about this today.