This is a two-part test. The first part, The San Diego Quick Assessment Test, is standardized.

It presents groups of words in increasing complexity and determines at what grade level most students can read those words. Your child reads the words and when s/he can no longer correctly say the word, we end the test and that is the grade at which your child can read.  Please keep in mind that if your child is more than 2 grade levels in reading behind their actual grade, they are considered to have delayed reading skills.

The second part of this test contains 2 groups of nonsense words.  Your child reads these words out loud and when s/he can no longer correctly say the sounds of the letters, the test ends.  This is a screening test; it allows us to evaluate if the child knows and remembers what each letter of the alphabet sounds like.

The combination of reduced grade level of reading skills and inability to correctly say the sounds of letters identifies problems with phonological processing of language, or in other words, dyslexia.

This test takes about 20 minutes to complete.


This test offers instructions on how to take it within the body of the test.  Follow the instructions as given.
When the test is finished, you will be sent to a page that explains the results of the test.

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Also, click:  “Solution: Online Therapy” to learn how to improve reading skills when you have dyslexia.

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