Auditory Processing Disorder

Auditory Processing Disorder Survey

This test is a survey that lists common signs of Auditory Processing Disorder.  The survey is self-correcting.  On a sliding scale based on the number of positive results, you will be alerted if your score is consistent with someone at risk of APD.

Our Assessments identify the most common reading and learning disorders. The tests are taken in an online format and when completed, a final score is presented. This provides you with an understanding of how your child reads and learns, both their weaknesses and their strengths.

This test takes about 10 minutes to complete.

It’s best to administer the test in a quiet room with no distractions.  Your child should be rested.

Read each question out-loud to your child and record the child’s answers on the test grid.

Do not prompt your child for an answer and don’t explain what the question means.  Usually, if your child experiences what the question is asking, they will understand exactly what is being asked and they won’t need further explanation.

At the end of the test, click on CHECK SCORE to see the final score and recommendations on how to proceed.  *** if your score does not come up it most likely means that you have missed filling in a bubble.  Check to make sure that every question has been answered.

This is the last test in our testing battery. Click the link “Return to Homepage” to learn more about reading and learning disorders.

Also, click:  “Solution: Online Therapy” to learn how to relieve the symptoms of Auditory Processing Disorder.

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If you should get interrupted in the middle of the test and have to stop, no worries!  When you return, you’ll need to begin this test at the beginning but you can return to the website as many times as you’d like for 90 days by using your LOG IN info.