How to Take the Tests

Instructions for giving the tests

Assessments for Vision Disorder and Auditory Processing Disorder:

Read each question out loud to your child.  Try not to explain or give examples.  If the child does experience the problems that the test is asking about, s/he will usually relate to what the question is asking and will be able to give good answers.

The Dyslexia Screener:

The child takes this test while the parent monitors whether the child pronounces the words correctly.

There are complete instructions on the Dyslexia Screener that walk you through the process of taking the test.

The Vanderbilt Test for Attention Deficit Disorders:

The test is to be taken by the parent or guardian as it asks for your observation about your child’s behavior and success in school and at home.

This test can also be taken by the child’s classroom teacher to get a better idea of how the child interacts in the school setting.

All of the tests are self-scoring and the results are presented at the end of each test.

Please note:  Take all of The Reading Remedy’s Assessments! It’s actually common to have a disorder that co-exists with another.

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