Purchase the Learning Assessments

Are you undecided about whether the Assessments are the right course of action?   I realize, and you probably do, too,  that these tests are a very small piece of the solution to your child’s reading problem.

Let’s be clear:  the tests are only a stepping stone.  The one and only purpose to taking these tests is so that you can sort through the many reading programs that MIGHT help your child.  You need to know what the problem is so that you can decide which program is the right one.

This test is a necessary 1st step towards “putting a name on the reading problem”.  Knowing  the cause of the reading problem is your first “win” in putting the puzzle together.

These tests are used by psychologists, education specialists and doctors in their office.

80% of all of the reading disorders we see in school are covered by these tests so if your child does have a learning disorder, the chances are very high that it will be identified with this battery of tests.

If all of the tests come up negative, then perhaps a reading tutor is your best solution.  We don’t know until we get the results of the Assessments.

If you are anxious to move towards a quick solution, a better idea is to take the test today and identify the reading problem.   Then begin a reading therapy program TOMORROW.

OK, taking 30 days to complete this process still shows that you are committed to finding a solution.

Even 45 days is a quick turn-around.

You’ll feel at ease knowing that you have 90 days for you and your  child to get together to complete the tests.   Then, after you finish the first 60 days of therapy, you can check for improvement by taking the Assessments again and comparing your current scores to the first test.

Whether you choose our ONLINE THERAPY programs or not,  you’ll have the test results in hand and you’ll be the wiser on the best direction to move .

What you really need to decide is, “What is the quickest, most effective program that will give you and your child a win?   What can you achieve TODAY that puts you closer to your goal?

When you finish these tests I’ll be happy to give you the details of our  ONLINE THERAPY programs with proven results:  usually, 2 grade levels of improvement in reading within the first 8 weeks on the program.

But we’re getting ahead of ourselves.  It’s one step at a time……

Here’s Step 1:

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