Did you know that research shows that for every year a child under-performs in school they can fall 2 years behind in their studies? Many schools can take most of an entire school year to test and implement a remedial program. By that time, an irreparable break in your child’s progress has taken place.

In order to understand how best to teach your child we have to know what the problem is. There’s no real way around this. A medical doctor would insist on knowing what the problem is before a prescription is written to treat it. Education is no different. Targeted therapy must address the most persistent and most obvious skill sets that need improving. In medicine and in education, “diagnosis” is king of the hill if we want to treat the problem successfully.

The Learning ASSESSMENTS give you a clear idea if one of the most common READING AND LEARNING DISORDERS is causing problems in school, at home or socially.

Assessments strive to identify the weaknesses (and strengths!) of how a child learns. And then, RIGHT OR WRONG we put a name on it. We now have a “label” that describes how the child processes the written and spoken word.

The boxes below identify the names of the learning disorders we see 80% of the time in school. If your child does have a learning disorder the chances are high that it will be identified when taking these Assessments.