There is no such thing as “one size fits all!”

The public schools offer many education programs for the Talented and Gifted and Special Education and everyone in-between. They are trying to serve every type of student, many who have very unique, very different learning styles.  Instead of a perfect-for-you education we end up with a learning experience that doesn’t quite work for YOUR child.

This is especially true for those smart kids who are behind in reading skills and who don’t qualify for Special Ed.

The Reading Remedy set out to streamline the ‘finding help’ process especially for parents who are looking for help for their child outside of the classroom.

We can’t promise to make your child’s learning challenges go away.

We can promise to show you other ways for your child to learn using alternate learning methods that prove successful for the reluctant learner.

Think of The Reading Remedy as your personal teacher

addressing your child’s specific needs

“OK!  Where Do We Begin?”

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Has your child already been evaluated and now you are looking for a program to address the learning problems identified through testing? We can help with this!  Scroll down the page to SOLUTION: ONLINE THERAPY.

Are you looking for a reading tutor?  If your child has fallen behind in school and you are pretty sure that they are just needing a bit of extra help to catch up, a reading tutor may be the best course.  Scroll down the page to THERE’S A TUTOR IN MY COMPUTER to learn about our reading tutor.

Is your smart child not reading at grade level and you want to find out why?  We can help with this!  Continue reading down this page and we’ll explain the process that provides your child the help they need.

                Is it a Learning Disorder or is Your Child Just a Slow Reader?

There are many reasons why a child falls behind in school.  Not connecting with the teacher, having disruptive kids in the classroom, illness, divorce, (fill in the blank). 

Sometimes, a child falls behind in school and they would be best served with a reading tutor to get them back on track.

In other cases, your child may be one of the 11 million kids who processes written and spoken words differently than their classmates, making it a challenge to succeed in school.

We need to know which group your child belongs so that we can proceed.

To begin, we use a Learning Quiz that lists 20 classic descriptions of the learning behavior of kids who have been tested and identified as having a learning disorder.

The Learning QUIZ answers that first, fundamental question:  Does my child have a learning disorder or did they just fall behind in their studies and need extra help?

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See how your child compares to a group of students with known learning disorders

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Did the Learning QUIZ show there’s a possible learning problem?

Let’s find out more about this!

Did you know that research shows that for every year a child under-performs in school they can fall 2 years behind in their studies? Many schools can take most of an entire school year to test and implement a remedial program. By that time, an irreparable break in your child’s progress has taken place.

In order to understand how best to teach your child we have to know what the problem is.

There’s no real way around this. A medical doctor would insist on knowing what the problem is before a prescription is written to treat it.

Education is no different. Targeted therapy must address the most persistent and most obvious skill sets that need improving. In medicine and in education, “diagnosis” is king of the hill if we want to treat the problem successfully.

The Learning ASSESSMENTS give you a clear idea if one of the most common READING AND LEARNING DISORDERS is causing problems in school, at home or socially.

 LEARN MORE about the Assessments

What exactly they test for and what the final scores means


Assessments strive to identify the weaknesses (and strengths!) of how a child learns. And then, RIGHT OR WRONG we put a name on it.  We now have a “label” that describes how the child processes the written and spoken word.

The boxes below identify the names of the learning disorders we see 80% of the time in school.  If your child does have a learning disorder the chances are high that it will be identified when taking these Assessments.



 In 45 short minutes you’ll have the answer needed to

find the reading program that teaches reading skills is a way your child understands.

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Start taking the Learning Assessments.

Learn from the Best

Congratulations!  Your child has been evaluated and you’re sure of the cause of the reading and learning problem.   Next step is to identify alternative teaching methods that will make the learning process easier.

The businesses listed below (in the colored boxes) are our affiliate Education Specialists.  We all have advanced training in our specialties, teaching people with reading and learning disorders to read.  We provide personalized help in an ONLINE THERAPY format.  The online programs are engaging and proven to be successful in raising your child’s reading level, usually 1-2 grade levels within the first few months on the program.

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We will personally introduce you to your child’s teacher when you are ready

There’s a Tutor in My Computer!

Reading Buddy

This online reading program is an excellent starting point for the smart child who needs a little extra help catching up in reading skills.

It is especially helpful for parents who are not ready to jump in to a more advanced therapy program at this time.

The Reading Buddy works with your child at home to increase reading fluency, reading speed and comprehension. Studies show that reading fluency and comprehension are increased 50% when using Reading Buddy’s Speech Recognition Software and Guided Repeated Reading.

There is also help for the Spanish speaking student.  Difficult English words can be heard in Spanish to give the student a reference point in their native language, encouraging comprehension.

This is technology at it’s best!

Meet Your Reading Buddy

Remember, the most important step is to FOLLOW THROUGH and actually set up the program and have your child begin the training.


Meet Our Teachers

Our goal is to help the parents of the 11 million children who are currently reading below grade level, yet do not qualify for SPECIAL ED services in school. We provide the tools needed to help you and your family move past the challenges of reading issues through our two-step Assessment and ONLINE THERAPY programs.

We’re here to help you every step of the way

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Can Eating Fruits and Vegetables
Make You Smart?

Studies find that kids who take Juice Plus nutritional supplements missed less days at school, were more sociable with their classmates and participated in sports and after school programs more often.

We are so certain that good nutrition is the foundation of a child’s ability to focus and learn in school  we are offering you free nutritional product for your child with every adult order.

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Watch the above short video and see what the experts say about good health, nutrition and success in school:


We wish you warm regards as you navigate your way through your child’s unique learning issues.


“I’ve known Dr. Lipstein for many years. She knows her stuff and she is passionate about helping kids!”

Retired Nurse Midwife
Nutrition Counselor, Lecturer


“Mothers who home-school, professionals and educators alike will find the LEARNING ASSESSMENTS and ONLINE THERAPY invaluable in helping their children and students who may have learning problems.”

Former Homeschooling mom and Social Worker


“In the classroom, teachers can tell when a student is not reading and learning at the same rate as their classmates. The Reading Remedy Learning Assessments and ONLINE THERAPY is a great option for parents who want to supplement what their child gets in school.”

M.S., Occupational Therapy
Special Ed Teacher

Sheryl D.