Is it a Learning Disorder or is Your Child Just a Slow Reader?

Use Our Free Interactive RISK ASSESSMENT and Find Out if Your Child Has the Risk Factors for a Reading and Learning Disorder

The Learning ASSESSMENTS give you a clear idea if one of the most common READING AND LEARNING DISORDERS is causing problems in school, at home or socially.





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Our online courses are built in partnership with Education Specialists with advanced training, teaching people with reading and learning disorders to read. The ONLINE THERAPY programs are engaging and are proven to be successful in raising your child’s reading level, usually 1-2 grade levels within the first few months of training.

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Remember, the most important step is to FOLLOW THROUGH and actually set up the program and have your child begin the training.

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Our goal is to help the parents of the 11 million children who are currently reading below grade level, yet do not qualify for SPECIAL ED services in school. We provide the tools needed to help you and your family move past the challenges of reading issues through our two-step Assessment and ONLINE THERAPY programs.

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Make You Smart?

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“I’ve known Dr. Lipstein for many years. She knows her stuff and she is passionate about helping kids!”

Retired Nurse Midwife
Nutrition Counselor, Lecturer


“Mothers who home-school, professionals and educators alike will find the LEARNING ASSESSMENTS and ONLINE THERAPY invaluable in helping their children and students who may have learning problems.”

Former Homeschooling mom and Social Worker


“In the classroom, teachers can tell when a student is not reading and learning at the same rate as their classmates. The Reading Remedy Learning Assessments and ONLINE THERAPY is a great option for parents who want to supplement what their child gets in school.”

M.S., Occupational Therapy
Special Ed Teacher

Sheryl D.